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[FANFIC]: If You Only Knew: Chapter 2

Title: If You Only Knew
Author: happilyinsane13
Rating: PG-13 for swearing, future violence, and possible future sexual innuendo
Genre: Mystery/Suspense, Romance
Pairing: Anya/Donghae
Summary: Donghae finds Anya on the streets of Seoul leading a poor life. After confronting her he finds out she was attacked after she left the first time and lost her memory. He secretly takes her in with Super Junior M's help to take care of her until they can find out what happened to her. Unfortunatly, the one who attacked Anya is still out there, and will not let her get away so easily this time.


The door burst open to the apartment and Kangin dashed in, closely followed by Heechul and Kibum. Their faces varied from worry to complete panic. They had no idea what was going on except that Anya was there and in trouble.


            “Where’s Anya?” Heechul asked, his eyes wide with fright.


            “She’s in my room,” Siwon answered, narrowing his eyes at the three men. “And asleep, lower your voices.”


            The men quickly hushed, but this answer did not lessen the fret they felt for Anya. Noticing this quickly, Donghae lead them to the living room and sat them down. Henry had disappeared into apartment but everyone else had stayed wide awake for the trio’s arrival.


            Upon being settled on the couch, the men listened as Hangeng and Donghae took turns informing them of the situation. Kangin put on a brave face, listening solemnly to the story. Kibum and Heechul’s features were much more strained and distraught over the story.


            “You’re going to hide her?” Kibum asked, unsure of what to think.


            “It seems we are.” Kyuhyun remarked.


            Donghae shot him a pleading look then redirected his focus on Kibum, and said, “We are. We can’t let her live on her own like that, and I don’t know why but,” Donghae briefly hesitated. “I feel like something bad would happen to her if we didn’t. As if she would be attacked again.”


            A heavy silence filled the room, laced with dread and suspicion. No one was sure who attacked Anya, but for all they knew it was not a coincidence. She had been on public National TV; anybody could have been an anti-fan and decided to viciously attack her before she could leave.


            “Will she be okay?”


            Everyone turned their heads to look at Heechul. He had been silent the entire town, and now that he spoke everyone was surprised to see the sudden change in his demeanor. He no longer looked confident and sure of himself, but honestly frightened. He had truly thought of Anya as a good friend, and this news hurt him.


            Zhoumi had been unsure of what to do lately, but when he saw Heechul’s nervous face, he decided to be as reassuring as possible. So he walked up, clasped Heechul’s shoulders and said,


            “We’ll make sure she will be.”



            After the fretting trio left with their promise to keep everything a secret, and in return receive regular news about Anya, Siwon decided it was time to hit the sack.


            “Hangeng and I will camp out in the living room,” Siwon told Donghae. “You stay with Anya; she seems to trust you most. We’ll figure out more technicalities in the morning.”


            Donghae nodded his head compliantly, spinning on his heel and retreating to Siwon’s room. Upon entering the dark room, Donghae noticed a shadowed figure sitting beside the sleeping Russian woman. Donghae squinted, and his face registered surprise as he recognized the person.


            “Henli?” he whispered loudly,


            Henry glanced at him once, but immediately returned his eyes to Anya. He petted her hair, twirling the curls gently between his fingers. Henry’s soft face was calm, almost serene. The sight unnerved Donghae more then he thought it should.


            “Henli, what are you doing?”


            Henry shook his head before saying, “I feel better now. With her around, I feel a bit better that I’m not the only one far from home, or the only one who doesn’t know who the hell they are.”


            Donghae’s jaw dropped but before he could say a word, Henry had made a speedy exit. Donghae was suddenly enveloped in darkness when Henry shut the door behind him.



            Next morning all the houses occupants were gathered around the breakfast table. Silently eating a breakfast of Beijing rice. Hangeng had been half hoping that Anya would ask for chocopies instead just so he could see that smile of hers, and so he could tease her like he used to.


            She just sat there though, and ate her meal with the utmost silence. Hangeng lowered his eyes before he could become too distracted and too hurt.


            Suddenly there was a knock on the door, attracting the attention of the group.


            “Who could it be this time?” Kyuhyun asked irritably, getting up from his seat to answer the obnoxious knocking.


            The sound of the opening door came to the others ears, and Kyuhyun’s voice seemed way too high pitched as he yelled,


            “Manager Hyung! What a surprise!”


            “Crap,” Donghae muttered as he scurried out of his seat, pulling Anya with him. Henry also dashed to their side, taking Anya’s other arm. Before Anya could say a word, her eyes wide like a deer caught in headlights, they had dragged her into the living room.


            If they tried to get to a bedroom the manager would surely see her, no matter hoe valuable Kyuhyun’s height was.


            “Hyung, where do we put her?” Henry asked, waving his arms around frantically.


            “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know!” Donghae whispered in a rush.


            “Do I get any say in this?” Anya asked, her voice dead pan.




            “I thought so.”


            Soon enough the manager has entered the kitchen, beaming brightly. “I came by to tell you that we’re leaving for China in two days and to check up on you,” he said cheerfully. Giving a glance around the table he frowned. “Where are Henry and Donghae?”


            Zhoumi’s legs were shaking uncontrollably under the table from nervousness, a big fake smile plastered on his face. He felt his temples sweat, and soon the shaking of his legs got violent, knocking the underside of the table.


            “Ah, Zhoumi!” Siwon cried, throwing himself onto the young man’s lap, efficiently stopping the shaking with his weight. “I dreamed of you last night!”


            Kyuhyun, who was behind the manager, looked like he was about to puke. He covered his scarred eyes and tried to block the image out of his head. Yet it plagued him so he surrendered to smacking his head with his hand.


            Siwon then turned to their manager, who was throwing him strange looks.


            “I think they’re in the bathroom, hyung.” He said.


            “Both of them?” the manager asked incredulously.




            “Of course not! Henry’s in the bathroom and Donghae’s… still sleeping!” Hangeng supplied, standing up from the table.


            “So is that it hyung?”


            “Well, I might have left something last time I was here; I’m going to check the living room real quick.” The manager said, walking towards the room where Donghae and Henry were currently in a state of panic.


            “Wait hyung!”


            But the manager walked into the living room, and his eyes fell upon a peculiar sight. Henry and Donghae were both bundled up in a long blue blanket on the couch. They were slightly elevated, both on opposite side of the couch. The blanket wriggled and it seemed they were playing a game with their feet.


            “Oh, manager hyung!” Donghae called, waving his hands as he noticed him. “How are you?”


            “Um, fine Donghae thanks.”


            “Hey, is this your watch? Found it in the couch!”


            With that Donghae threw a metal object in the manager’s face. The manager barely caught it before it could have caused him to be blinded. For some reason he almost thought he saw Donghae curse at this failure.


            “That must be all! Bye Bye, hyung! Bye bye, bye bye!” Henry squealed, smiling and shooing him away with his hands. “We boys have, um, some bonding time to attend to.”


            Upon hearing that phrase, the manager quickly excused himself from the apartment. He left with a few new ideas and images of the boys in his charge and slapped himself in the forehead.


            “Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to have them live together, their questioning their sexual identity.” He mumbled to himself as he walked away.


            After the door closed again and a few more moments of waiting, Donghae and Henry immediately leaped off the couch, pulling Anya out from under the blanket.


            “Anya, are you okay?” Henry asked, checking her for any breaks are bruises.


            “Jeez, you’re so skinny; I thought we would break you or something!” Donghae groaned, taking Anya’s head in his hands and giving it a gentle shake.


            His hands against Anya’s face made her feel a sense of déjà vu. She knew he had done this before, in a much more teasing way, but with the same gentle pressure that meant he never intended to harm her.


            “I’m not a doll,” she muttered, blushing.


            “No,” Donghae said, grinning. “You’re a crocodile.”




            Donghae’s grin only slipped by a fraction as he quickly caught himself.




Anya looked slightly puzzled but it seemed she had recalled something as she opened her mouth when they were interrupted by a yelp in the kitchen. 


The trio and Kyuhyun rushed to the kitchen to see Siwon on the floor and Zhoumi hiding his face in his hands.


“That was so embarrassing! How could you do that, Siwon?!” he exclaimed.


“Your legs were shaking so bad, I had to do something!” Siwon retorted.


“But now he probably thinks I’m gay!”


“Everybody thinks that…”  Kyuhyun whispered.


“What did you say?”




Hangeng sighed and peeked into the living room to see if there was any damage.


“Donghae, Henry?” Hangeng's voice was steely.


Both younger men stiffened and turned to Hangeng cautiously.


“Yes, hyung?”


“Tell me why you ripped down are curtain.”



Later when all had been cleaned up and the boys and Anya had been able to go about a somewhat regular morning routine, Donghae made a decision.


“I think we should take Anya by the pre-school she works at to ask questions about the attack,” he explained. Turning to Anya, he asked “Wasn’t the employer the one who rescued you?”


Anya nodded and said, “I’m usually not due there until 11 a.m. anyways. I don’t know what you’ll get from her, but it’s worth a shot.”


Henry quickly volunteered to go with them as well as Siwon. The rest agreed to hold down the fort and further plan how to hide Anya and work out the budget for her travel fares.


Before they left, Anya bowed low in front of the men who had taken you in.


“I’m so sorry for troubling you,” she said, her voice strangled. “I swear I’ll leave as soon as possible.”


The men stared at her as she stayed perfectly still in her bow. Kyuhyun approached her and straightened her up so her eyes met him.


“Do us a favor,” he said, his voice grave. “Don’t.”



            The figure smiled as they saw Anya exit the building with the three boys. All was going according to plan, and soon that girl would be lured into such a sense of false comfort, she would be in the most danger.


Donghae had put an arm around Anya’s shoulder, and the hidden figure felt a bubble of hate lift itself and gurgle in its stomach. Bile rose in their throat and they wanted to attack then.


But they calmed down; assuring themselves that patience was important. The spillage of blood was always sweeter when the plan was executed perfectly.


So they’d make sure it was perfect, until the last moment Anya took her last breath and the last drop of her worthless blood was splattered inside the walls of the place she thought was safe.

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