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[FANFIC]: Death Saved Me Chapter 16

 Title: Death Saved Me: Chapter 16
Author: Happilyinsane13 
Rating: PG-13 (For violence, blood, and language) 
Pairing: Henwook, Kyuhyun/OC, Donghae/Anya, Jaeho
Summary: AU (Alternate Universe) Henry dies, but is saved by the undead by becoming dead. As Henry must adjust to the challenges of becoming a vampire, he must also deal with his new home, while his new dark roomate considers him his muse. But soon enough, Henry's transformation causes problems in the world of night. 
Disclaimer: I don't own the Super Junior, SJ-M, Fahrenheit, DBSK, or any other person besides myself. 
Note: Forgive any grammar or spelling mistakes please. This is un-betaed. Also, SuJu looks like they did in their Don't Don days, except Ryeowook and Henry, who look like they do now. Except Ryeowook has his Don't Don clothes, omit the hairstyle. Zhoumi...try to imagine him Don't Don style. 
Dedication: This fic is requested and for my Siti!! *hugs*

Henry wandered around the halls of the covens mansion. He admitted he had felt a certain longing to see the dark hallways and Victorian atmosphere again. At the same time though, he missed the Cassiopeia pack’s small one-story house, full of a fresh atmosphere. It had been claustrophobic, but in the most wonderful way.


            For a few days Henry thought he was normal again.


Henry had finally convinced Ryeowook to let him be on his own for a while after they had all relocated to the much more spacious mansion before the werewolves house was completely destroyed by the enraged Kyuhyun. The sun was rising and Ryeowook had been getting tired, and after dozing off several times he finally consented for Henry to leave his arms and stretch his legs.  The older vampire was now sleeping peacefully on his bed, clutching at the shirt Henry took off so Ryeowook would have his smell with him. Leeteuk had apparently burned everything else.


            Although Henry was glad to be reunited with his coven, he had been wondering how they had gotten to the werewolves place in the first place if they weren’t invited. They hadn’t been able to teleport to them before, and when Henry had asked Ryeowook had simply snorted and said how he wasn’t as weak as the boy perceived.


            Yet when Ryeowook had fallen asleep, his shirt had ridden up and Henry had glimpsed the red, long blisters all over his skin. He assumed that the other members had similar wounds on their skin also. This thought depressed Henry and before he knew it he was near the kitchen. The sun was glowing behind the dark curtains in the living room, but Henry didn’t flinch.


            He had grown accustomed to the werewolves’ time schedule, and a part of him, the human part, was still attracted to the light. Nearing the end of the living room and the swinging door to the kitchen, Henry stopped short when he heard voices from within. One was cold and full of contempt, the other desperate and pleading.


            Pushing it a tiny crack, Henry peaked in and focused his eyes on the two figures in the center. Standing there were Junsu and Eunhyuk, Junsu’s back facing a begging Eunhyuk.


            “Please look at me Junsu,”


            “Don’t call me Junsu. You’re no longer Hyukjae to me, or anyone else,”


            “Why won’t you look at me anymore? Talk to me?”


            “What do you think? You think I’d be happy that my former best friend let himself be turned into a vampire? Begged for it?!”


            “I would’ve died Junsu, I thought you’d want me alive,”


            “I did want you to live, but differently Hyukjae. I would’ve kept you alive!”


            “And kill yourself over it? Your already dying because you can’t endure the thought of losing Junho, how do think I would feel if I let you kill yourself over me to?”


            “Junho has nothing to do with this,”


            “He’s part of it! Junsu, I did this for you! I went against our people so I could continue to live beside you!”


            “You should’ve died then,”


            Eunhyuk looked taken aback, and Henry saw the all to familiar crimson tears well up in his eyes.


            “You don’t mean that,”


            “I do,” Junsu hissed, turning on his heel to face Eunhyuk.


            Junsu’s eyes were narrowed, and his pupils had shrunk. They were an animal’s eyes now, the eyes of a wolf.


            “You should’ve died then go against our people, our heritage. I would’ve preferred you dying with honor then living like this, living off the dead to keep you alive,” Junsu continued, stepping forward until he was face to face with Eunhyuk. “Now get out of my sight, before I give you the death you should’ve taken when it came for you.”


            Blood trickled down Eunhyuk’s face as he turned and dashed to the end of the kitchen out of Henry’s line of sight before the man teleported. It was then that Henry noticed a star pattern winding up the lower part of Eunhyuk’s neck and disappear down the back of his shirt until he was gone in wisps of black smoke.


            Junsu sighed and collapsed into a table chair, burying his face in his hands.  He hunched forward, looking absolutely miserable. 



            Henry was about to leave, already sure he had seen too much. Yet before he had a made his way another voice spoke to Junsu.


            “Feel disgusted with yourself?”  


            Junsu looked up and his face soured.


            “Your lucky you’re not a pure-blood Zhoumi, or I would’ve killed you,” Junsu growled.


            Zhoumi gave a weak chuckle.


            “Kyuhyun almost killed you an hour ago and you don’t look so great,” Zhoumi commented.


            It was true. Junsu looked horrible to the bruises on his face and neck and most likely hidden beneath his clothes. He had a long gash under his right eye and across his collarbone. It had taken Yunho, Hwanhee, Leeteuk, Brian, Changmin, and an extremely commanding Haven to get Kyuhyun off of Junsu before he was killed.




            “Kyuhyun can bite me,” Junsu muttered.


            “I don’t think you’d want that,” Zhoumi put in. “Unless you want to end up like me and Eunhyuk.”


            There was a silence between the two men. Only the sound of the wooden chair along the kitchen floor made any noise as Zhoumi pulled one out beside Junsu and sat down.


            “I’ve lived for a hundred years and never did I see that coming,” Junsu muttered. “That he would choose to live as a corpse instead of… I just don’t understand,” Junsu said.


            “He told you clearly, he did it for you,”


            “And I told him clearly, I would have rather him died or supported him myself,”


            “How long do you plan to keep Junho alive?”


            “Until I die,”


            “It won’t be long at this rate,”


            “I know that,”


            “Have you thought about the people you’ll leave behind?”


            “After this war, it won’t matter because half of them will leave me first anyways,”


            “What about Lune? You just discover the love of your life reincarnated and you’re going to abandon her?”


            Junsu flinched at Zhoumi’s choice of words, but knew that he was right. It was exactly as if he was abandoning Lune and others he cared about. Junsu thought about Lune and then wanted to hit his head on the table. He couldn’t deny the dormant feelings he had towards her, but she was merely a child! He was more then 90 years older then her and she didn’t know the context of her feelings for him yet.


            It was all too complicated for her to comprehend, and Junsu couldn’t touch her in any romantic way for another decade. If Kyuhyun didn’t kill him in his sleep first.


            “She would live longer then me anyways. Besides, you heard Brian. One of us would have to die for the other anyways, and I will live long enough to die for her.”


            Zhoumi gave a sad smile.


            “I will help you,” he said. “Because whatever Kyuhyun loves I love.”


            Henry knew he had heard enough so he quickly and quietly closed the kitchen door. Scurrying away as swiftly and silently as possible Henry came to the edge of the living room again. Behind the curtains were sliding glass doors that were open a jar. Henry accidently went too far and his hand shone under a stream of sunlight.


            Henry hissed in pain as his skin began to smoke. He withdrew his hand and studied the burnt flesh. It was, to what he could discern, as serious as second degree burns. He sucked on the burnt skin, hating the way it stung against his skin.  


            What were the doors doing open anyways?


            “Is something burning?”


            Henry froze mid-suck, but he truly wanted to let out a pitiful  groan. Was today some kind of cursed day where he ended up accidently (or not so accidently) eavesdropping on someone?


            “Maybe there cooking something?”


            Henry recognized that voice as Yunho’s.


            “Human flesh?”


            That voice was Jaejoong’s.


            “Well, they are all vampires,”


            Henry once again couldn’t resist poking his head out, moving his head slightly to the side. He lifted the curtain back a bit to see through the sliding glass doors, doing his best to avoid the sunlight by hiding in the shadows.


            Yunho and Jaejoong were bathing in the sunlight. They lay in the grass, cross-legged and facing each other. Their fingers played with the grass and one another’s fingers, intertwining limbs of flesh and green grass.


            Jaejoong’s azure eyes stared down, not particularly focused anywhere. Yunho’s warm, dark brown eyes never left Jaejoong’s face.


            “Do you think the five of us will survive this war?” Jaejoong asked.


            Yunho fiddled with a small clover in his hands.


            “Of course we will,” he replied. “We can’t live without each other remember? Were only a family when the five of us are together,”


            “Yunho, Junsu is going to die. You know the legend will be right. That child has proven it true,”


            “Legends and fates are created by the people themselves, not by the stories,”


            “As much as I wish that was true, no one can escape the fate laid out before them by our so-called god until he decides to give us free will,”


            “It is free will,”


            “I don’t call dying free will,”


            Jaejoong raised his head and let his hands lift themselves from the grass and roam Yunho’s face.  Yunho smiled gently, leaning into Jaejoong’s soft and caring hands as he inspected every detail and contour of his face.


            “It’s been awhile since I last tried to feel what you look like,” Jaejoong said softly. “Your nose finally healed up,”


            “Can’t believe Changmin broke it in a sparring match,”


            “I can. That boy gets taller every year. He isn’t little anymore,”


            Jaejoong continued to feel Yunho’s face, his azure eyes just staring into space. Yunho was patient and would smile whenever Jaejoong ran a finger across his lips.


            “I love you.” Yunho murmured.


            Jaejoong beamed, his eye still staring straight ahead, not directly pointed at Yunho.


            “I love you too.”


            It was then that Henry first realized Jaejoong was blind.




            “We are running out of time until she turns human,” Hwanhee said fiercely.  “Who knows what that monster will do to her then?”


            Leeteuk, Hwanhee, and Brian were in Leeteuk’s bedroom, each seated upon a bed.


            “What can we do to get her back?” Brian asked Leeteuk.


            Leeteuk shook his heads. His shoulders were slumped and his eyes were wary. He knew what could be done, but after all the things that had happened, he wasn’t sure if he was willing to do it for once. He was losing the ones he loved one by one spiritually if not physically. He wasn’t sure if he could do it anymore.


            WuZun will only listen to Aaron. Unless we give Aaron something he wants, he’ll let WuZun do as he pleases to Hwayobi,” Leeteuk answered.


            “Then what do we give him?” Brian asked.


            Leeteuk said nothing for a moment and it was in that moment that Hwanhee’s eyes lit up with recognition.


            “One of your people,” Hwanhee growled. “We’d have to give up one of them. I see no problem with that since they got her there in the first place!”


            Leeteuk snapped and he was on his feet, towering over Hwanhee. His face set into a vicious rage, no mercy in his eyes.


            “Half the fault lies with you,” Leeteuk hissed, “And I’m done putting my coven in pain for a century!”


            “What about the people I care about?! The people I love!” Hwanhee yelled, standing up to meet Leeteuk’s gaze and grabbing him by the shirt collar.


            “You’re the oldest person here, you were born only twenty years after the original first vampires! Surely there must be something you can think off!” Brain exclaimed, trying to distract the two from killing each other.


            Leeteuk did not look at Brian, and simply chose to say nothing.


            No one noticed the creak of the door and the soft, limber shadow disappearing into the hallway.




            Anya stroked the sleeping Donghae’s soft brown hair. Her vivid green eyes stared into his peaceful face. Truly she had never thought she could love someone like Donghae, be as lucky to love someone like him for even a second of her life. But she did.


            Nathaniel was dozing right beside him, underneath Donghae’s arm. Anya loved the sight, like a true father and son. Her thoughts wandered off to Aaron, Nathaniel’s biological father and her heart ached. As much as she hated to admit it, her body missed the evil man. She might not love him, but she was forever bound to him as long as he loved her in his own twisted way.


            If she didn’t go back to him the aching would never stop and she could never be truly happy with Donghae. She could never make Donghae truly happy like he deserved.


            Poor Hwanhee, the wolf leader would never be happy again either if his precious Hwayobi was gone. Anya couldn’t let a couple that had a true stab at happiness be forsaken the chance.


            Kissing both boys on the forehead Anya stood up to leave.


            “Mommy,” Nathaniel whispered.


            Anya stopped short, her heart froze and her breath hitched. 


            “Mommy, where are you going?”


            Anya didn’t dare turn around, or she knew she would never be able to go through with her actions. Her mind was set and she couldn’t back out now.


            “Mommy’s going to run some errands sweetie,” Anya said, her voice shaking. “I love you, okay? I love you very much. Be good for Donghae.”


            Nathaniel nodded and laid back down as Anya vanished.




            Aaron stared blankly into the eyes of the determined Anya. Jiro, Calvin, and WuZun flanked him as Anya made the bargain.


            “Let her go, and I’ll never leave you again,” Anya said.


            Aaron’s eyes narrowed.


            “What about my son?” he asked.


            “Nathaniel is old enough to make his own decisions,” Anya said, carefully picking her words. “He’ll know who his true father is without me telling him.”


            Aaron seemed satisfied with this answer and he motioned to WuZun.


            “Let the little fish go,” he commanded.


            WuZun protested,


            “I just got to play with her! I didn’t even get to have fun yet! She was going to turn human soon!”


            WuZun stopped when Aaron stood up and slapped him across the face with so much force that his jawbone cracked.


            “You will not argue with me,” Aaron hissed. “Or I will do more then take away your play things. Understood?” 


            Anya flinched at the quiet intensity at which Aaron spoke. This was always what had frightened her. His ability to wound and hurt without regret or emotion on his face.


            WuZun had nodded numbly, nursing his jaw.


            “Calvin, Jiro, go with WuZun to make sure he obeys,” Aaron said.


            The two men nodded and vanished along with Jiro in clouds of smoke.


            Suddenly Aaron had Anya by the arm and was leading her down the familiar dark hallway, to the familiar room she once shared with him. It was her personal hell. Their bedroom.


            When they approached Aaron threw open the door, tossed her with great force onto the bed then shut and locked the door behind him.


            “You didn’t leave for me,” he snarled. “You left to protect that Donghae bastard didn’t you?”


            Anya shook her head furiously but Aaron could smell her lie. He could smell Donghae on her, his stench enveloped her. Aaron proceeded to take off his shirt and he soon came forward, climbing over Anya on the huge red velvet bed.  


            “You are my muse and my muse only,” he whispered, lowering his head onto a trembling Anya and biting the soft skin of her neck hard enough for blood to leak out. She flinched.


            “Aaron please,” she whimpered.


            Aaron silenced her with a violent kiss as began to fiercely rip off her own clothes.


            “Let me show you who you belong to,” he purred. “Let me show you how much I love you.”


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