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[FANFIC]: Death Saved Me Chapter 17

 Title: Death Saved Me: Chapter 17
Author: Happilyinsane13 
Rating: PG-13 (For violence, blood, and language) 
Pairing: Henwook, Kyuhyun/OC, Donghae/Anya, Jaeho
Summary: AU (Alternate Universe) Henry dies, but is saved by the undead by becoming dead. As Henry must adjust to the challenges of becoming a vampire, he must also deal with his new home, while his new dark roomate considers him his muse. But soon enough, Henry's transformation causes problems in the world of night. 
Disclaimer: I don't own the Super Junior, SJ-M, Fahrenheit, DBSK, or any other person besides myself. 
Note: Forgive any grammar or spelling mistakes please. This is un-betaed. Also, SuJu looks like they did in their Don't Don days, except Ryeowook and Henry, who look like they do now. Except Ryeowook has his Don't Don clothes, omit the hairstyle. Zhoumi...try to imagine him Don't Don style. 
Dedication: This fic is requested and for my Siti!! *hugs*

Donghae screamed. He screamed in fury and sorrow as he tore apart his room, the entire house. Anya was gone; he couldn’t feel her or sense her anymore. Only her small lingered in the house but none of that was enough to comfort him. He had just gotten her back, why was he losing her again?


            Nathaniel stood there crying because of his mother, and also because Donghae was scaring him. The man had never been this violent around him before, this wild and uncontrolled. To Donghae Nathaniel was barely there.

Nathaniel could hear the slow painful pounding of his hungry heart, only fueling the man’s frustration and rage.


            Soon a hunger took over Donghae and the scent of Nathaniel’s blood, the blood of a child was intoxicating him. He turned to Nathaniel, not recognizing the crying boy he thought as his own son.


            “OTEU!” Nathaniel cried, staring helplessly at the advancing man before him, his eyes like that of a beast. “OTEU! Stop it! OTEU! Daddy!”


            Donghae paused in his advance, his mind registering the words. Inside of him Donghae, the gentle loving Donghae fought for his conscious, thought against his thirst as heard Nathaniel’s words. His eyes began to regain a conscious and Donghae began to say,




            Suddenly Leeteuk burst in, the wolves and a good portion of the coven behind him. His appearance lead Donghae to believe he had been so panicked he didn’t even bother to teleport. Leeteuk lurched forward grabbing Nathaniel and handing him over to Shindong and Kibum.


            “Get him to the kitchen, makes sure he stays there,” Leeteuk commanded.


            The two nodded obediently and ushered the sobbing Nathaniel to the kitchen. Leeteuk then turned to Donghae and slapped him across the face.


            “This is why I won’t let you have children of any kind,” Leeteuk growled. “Whenever you lose your temper, whenever you thirst you attack them without any self-control!”


            “Leeteuk I think he had it under control when we came in,” Jaejoong butt in, trying to rescue the guilty Donghae. “I sensed no malice when we entered.”


            “Frankly Jaejoong, this is none of your business. Now listen Donghae,” Leeteuk growled, grabbing the man’s chin and pulling it up so their eyes met. “Do you want that incident to happen all over again? To have the blood of an innocent child all over your hands, their scream forever echoing in your head, their bloody handprints imprinted on your heart?”


            Donghae began to cry and he shook his head, the blood tears staining his cheeks.


            “Then never approach Nathaniel again unless I give you the say so. As for Anya, we will find her, I promise you that much.”


            “Whether she’ll be alive is a different story,” Ryeowook drawled.


            Henry elbowed him in the side while Siwon shushed him.


            Leeteuk then gave a mighty sigh and then turned to Eunhyuk and Heechul,


            “Stay with him in this room and give him some blood. Just try and keep him calm,” he commanded.


            The two simply nodded and both went over to Donghae to sit on his bed as the rest left the room in a heavy silence.  




            The rest of the group were now gathered in the living room, sitting amongst the furniture or standing by the fireplace. Yoochun was rubbing his chin thoughtfully by the fire, and then he spoke up,


            “If Aaron has Anya and she left of her own will, how do we know she didn’t just betray us?”


            “She loves Nathaniel to much,” Ryeowook said, leaning back into the couch, clutching Henry by his side. “If she was going to betray us she would never leave the boy here.”


            “She probably offered a trade,” Hangeng said sadly. “Exchanging her life for Hwayobi’s.”


            “If that turns out to be true,” Hwanhee said, looking solemnly up into the eyes of Leeteuk. “If the girl did indeed exchange her life for Hwayobi’s then we shall help you find her, for we will be indebted to her.”


            “Yet you don’t regret that she made the decision in the first place right?” Henry asked, his voice void of emotion.


            Hwanhee studied the boy, and then shook his head. Letting out a sigh he answered truthfully,


            “No, I don’t regret the decision she made.”  


            Henry slumped in his seat, truly at a loss. Anya had been a constant companion to him this whole journey. She understood his feelings of being trapped in this world, of being unable to escape. Yet when you find love and friends, it’s as if fate decided to snatch it away.


            Anya had been snatched away, and Henry was devastated. The state of Donghae also hurt Henry to no end, but there was nothing he could do about it. That was the worst realization for him, when he knew he could do nothing by himself without being killed. He hadn’t even been taken on his first hunting trip, taught how to kill yet, nothing.


            Henry was pulled close into the embrace of Ryeowook. The smell of smoke and cologne, the scent that was purely Ryeowook enveloped Henry’s senses and calmed him. He let his head fall on Ryeowook’s shoulder and Ryeowook kissed the top of Henry’s head softly. For once, Henry didn’t blush.  


            A ringing sounded throughout the house and the vampires looked around in bewilderment, utterly surprised and stupefied.


            “Is someone attacking us?” Zhoumi exclaimed, his eyes darting around the room nervously.


            Brian cocked his head to the side and looked at the vampires, shaking his head and clucking his tongue.


            “And I thought I was stupid,” he muttered.


            “I did too,” Hwanhee said.


            “You’re lucky I love you,”


            “You keep saying that.”


            “Shut up. That ringing sound,” Brian drawled, addressing the coven. “Isn’t that just your doorbell?”


            There was a pause, in which the coven all looked at each other and made a resounding,




            Changmin palmed his face in exasperation.


            “You don’t know what a doorbell sounds like?” Changmin sighed.


            Kangin shrugged and replied,


            “We’ve never really had a need to. It’s not like any humans come here. We don’t get mail either.” 


            Changmin then raised an eyebrow in confusion.


            “Then why would you be getting some now?” he asked.


            There was a pause and suddenly Leeteuk was running towards the door in a panic, his eyes wide. He flung the door open, releasing the night air into the house. Henry could smell the natural aroma of grass and pollen before, to his shock, he caught a whiff of fish and blood.


            “Hwanhee!” Leeteuk yelled, but Hwanhee had already jumped forward, leaping at an unnatural speed to get to the entryway.


            Both men then dragged on a rolled up grey Persian rug, a note attached to the top. Henry could spot the bloodstains seeping through the fabric. Leeteuk ripped the note off while Hwanhee began unrolling the carpet.


            ‘ We figure since the little fish is from Alexandria, why not pay homage to Cleopatra? Besides, it dries her out nicely. And since WuZun couldn’t have the fun he wanted we left her in there for a while. Try to get her to water fast enough.




                WuZun, Jiro, and Calvin’



            Siwon came over and read the letter over Leeteuk’s shoulder.


            “Why isn’t Aaron’s signature on it?” he asked.


            “Probably because he only gave them the order to give it back and had nothing further to do with it,” Leeteuk growled, crumpling the note in his hand. “If they have free reign over anything, they’ll go wild.”


            Hwanhee with Brian’s help had then just finished rolling out the Persian rug, and Brian’s eyes widened in horror as Hwanhee screamed,




            Henry took one look at the mermaid and flinched. Her tail was dry, looking like a prune. They had cut her fins and slashed her gills, blood oozing out from the wounds. Her arms had different colorings of bruises, black, blue, purple, and yellow. Her eyes were wide and unseeing.  Yet there was a very faint fall and rise to her chest. She was using the last of her energy to use her human lungs to breathe.


            “We have to get her to water now,” Haven cried.


            “No shit Sherlock!” Hwanhee yelled.


            Kyuhyun growled, making an advance on Hwanhee but Haven and Sungmin held him back.


            “Mine, Kyuhyun’s, and Zhoumi’s bathroom is the closest,” Sungmin said, his face carrying a scared expression. “Zhoumi and I can teleport there to get the bath started and you guys can run there. Kyuhyun and Haven can go the room to make sure the twins don’t wake up. They don’t need to see this.”


            “Do whatever you have to!” Hwanhee exclaimed, his eyes narrowing into and animals, his teeth elongating. “Just hurry!”


            With that Sungmin and Zhoumi were gone in wisps of smoke. Kyuhyun grabbed Haven by the waste and soothed her as he teleported the both of them. She was grimacing in pain as they disappeared.


            Suddenly there was a rip and a tear as Hwanhee transformed into a large brown wolf. Silver markings on his fur that stretched from his neck all the way down his body carried several constellations and the half of the fiery sun in its design. He barked at Brian and that’s when the man took his cue and grabbed Hwayobi, placing her on Hwanhee’s furry back. Brian then climbed on himself, securing Hwayobi to the ride so she wouldn’t fall of.


            With that Hwanhee dashed to the bathroom pass the living room and all the way down the hall. The others decided to teleport, and as Henry and Ryeowook teleported, he heard Yesung exclaim,


            “See! This is why we should have a pool in the backyard!”


            “Yesung this isn’t the time,” Kangin snarled.


            “I’m just saying…”


            “Alright, we’ll get the damn pool! Just stop talking!”




                        Hwanhee had skidded into the bathroom on his paws just as Sungmin and Zhoumi had filled it up with cold water. Brian hopped off the wolf’s back and gently lowered the unconscious mermaid into the tub. Hwanhee had changed back, completely naked.


            Henry and a few of the others looked away politely as the naked man kneeled next to the tub, stroking the mermaid’s dark hair. Hwanhee was crying softly as he ran his hand through Hwayobi’s tangled hair. The blood spread throughout the water, turning it pink. Hwayobi was still unconscious, her eyes open and staring blankly into Hwanhee’s face.


            “Hwayobi, please Hwayobi wake up,” Hwanhee sobbed. “I love you, don’t you know how much I love you? Hwayobi please wake up for me,”


            There was a slight movement, Hwayobi’s fins moved. The bloody water moved through her slashed gills. Hwanhee grasped Hwayobi’s head gently in his hands as her eyes brightened slightly.


            “Hwayobi,” he breathed.


            “Hwanhee,” Hwayobi whispered, reaching out to gently stroke Hwanhee’s face, her hands staining his cheeks red. “I have to go.”


            “No you don’t” Hwanhee said fiercely. “Who told you that? You’ll be okay Hwayobi. We’re supposed to stick together, remember? We vowed to never let anything stand between us. Not the land, not the sea, not life or death,”


            “And I’m keeping my promise,” Hwayobi said, her voice growing softer, but her eyes became filled with a light that could only be described as love. “I won’t let death take you away, not yet. Not until you’ve saved both of our kinds, not until you save that girl who has given up your freedom for me,”


            Hwanhee shook his head desperately, his face wild and scared.


            “Hwayobi, what do you mean? Yobi-ah?” Hwanhee asked desperately, gently shaking her head. “Foolish girl, what are you talking about? Do you have seaweed for brains?”


            Hwayobi laughed weakly, the small sound coming out like bubbles.


            “Maybe,” she said. “But to protect you and our world for what’s coming, I’ll serve my part. I’ll do what my own ancient ancestor did to protect you always,”


            “No, don’t you dare! Hwayobi!”


            Hwanhee would’ve said more if Hwayobi had not, with her remaining strength, captured his mouth softly then whisper against his lips,


            “I love you so much. I’ll become anything for you, even if you can’t see me.”


            With that Hwayobi began to melt into a pearl white, becoming sea foam in his hands as she bubbled away into the bathtub. The blood briefly stained the foam pink before turning into a pearl white mass itself.  A breath of air briefly blew through the enclosed room before Hwanhee began to howl.


            “Hwayobi! Hwayobi come back! You don’t have to become anything for me! Hwayobi!”


            Brian immediately embraced Hwanhee from behind but Hwanhee fought him, struggling in his grip. He cried and sobbed, yelling at himself, at her, at the world for this cruel fate. For he had loved her, he still loved her, and she was gone. She had faded to protect him, and she would never come back.


            Like the sea foam her body had become to bubble away slowly in his hands or the wind her soul dissipated into, something he could feel but agonizingly never reach.




            Ryeowook bolted out of the bathroom, dragging Henry with him. Henry was bewildered, his mind having barely left the scene that he had just witnessed. Yet he was slowly following the way Ryeowook was moving him away to their shared bedroom. How fast Ryeowook moved and how desperate he looked.


            When they got there Ryeowook shoved him in and slammed the door behind them, locking it.


            “Ryeowook, what-,” Henry began but never finished as Ryeowook began to kiss him.


            He drew Henry to his body and kissed him desperately, and Henry could feel the tears of blood flowing down Ryeowook’s cheeks. Henry’s feelings exploded inside himself, his sorrow, his confusion, and his desire. He pushed Ryeowook’s face away, gasping for air.


            “What are you doing Ryeowook?” Henry asked.


            “I love you,” Ryeowook said. “Henli I can’t take it anymore. I don’t know how I’ve held it this long. After seeing that, Henli I can’t, I can’t…”


            Henry’s mind was reeling, his heart thumping painfully, but not from hunger. From shock, from nervousness, and from realization. Was this truly happening to him? Why? Why all of this?


            Ryeowook pulled Henry to his chest, stroking his hair and whispering in his ear.


            “Haven’t you wondered what all of this meant? My feelings, my obsession with your existence? That’s what a muse is for a vampire. If we were human, you’d be my soulmate, my one and only. But Henli,”


            Ryeowook then pulled away only slightly so he could gaze into the young man’s eyes.


            “Just because you’re my soulmate, doesn’t mean I’m yours,” Ryeowook said, his eyes for the first time Henry remembered, showing a true fear of hurt, of rejection. “Henry I love you. Do you love me? Can you love me?”


            Henry thought back to all the times he had felt anything for Ryeowook. His anger, his fear, his happiness, and his love. Henry thought he had hated Ryeowook at first, then something had happened. A desire, an unexplained attraction he had tried to pass off as friendship or simple affection.


            Yet when he had been forcefully separated from Ryeowook it had hurt, when he had thought Ryeowook was bleeding and dying it had filled him with an indescribable pain that was torture to his mind and heart. Then he thought of the agony Hwanhee had felt, of his distraught face when Hwayobi had slipped through his fingers and sacrificed herself for him. Of Donghae’s pain when Anya and then Nathaniel was taken away from him.


            He saw that train of thought in Ryeowook’s eyes. He was afraid to lose Henry and desperate to admit his love before something like this could happen to them. Before this war tore them apart forever. Ryeowook wanted Henry to be his.



            And Henry realized that he wanted the same.


            “I love you,” Henry whispered. “I love you, I don’t want to lose you.”


            Ryeowook’s face radiated the most heart wrenching mixture of joy and sorrow as he proceeded to kiss Henry. He led them over to Ryeowook’s bed and laid Henry down on it, trailing kisses down his neck as he began to take off Henry’s shirt. He raised his head and then gently bit Henry’s neck. Henry flinched when Ryeowook’s sharp fangs drew blood and he could feel Ryeowook drinking a small sample of it.


            Out of some instinct he never knew was there, Henry did the same and Henry felt something happen inside him. As if chains had then wrapped around his heart and entire body, connecting himself, his entire existence to Ryeowook. Ryeowook continued to kiss him as he removed their clothes and settled on their bed.


            “I’m sorry,” Ryeowook kept whispering. “I love you. I’m so sorry.”  


            Yet words, Henry realized later, could never describe it.





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