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[FANFIC]: Death Saved Me Chapter 19

 Title: Death Saved Me: Chapter 19
Author: Happilyinsane13 
Rating: PG-13 (For violence, blood, and language) 
Pairing: Henwook, Kyuhyun/OC, Donghae/Anya, Jaeho
Summary: AU (Alternate Universe) Henry dies, but is saved by the undead by becoming dead. As Henry must adjust to the challenges of becoming a vampire, he must also deal with his new home, while his new dark roomate considers him his muse. But soon enough, Henry's transformation causes problems in the world of night. 
Disclaimer: I don't own the Super Junior, SJ-M, Fahrenheit, DBSK, or any other person besides myself. 
Note: Forgive any grammar or spelling mistakes please. This is un-betaed. Also, SuJu looks like they did in their Don't Don days, except Ryeowook and Henry, who look like they do now. Except Ryeowook has his Don't Don clothes, omit the hairstyle. Zhoumi...try to imagine him Don't Don style. 
Dedication: This fic is requested and for my Siti!! *hugs* 


Ryeowook had always been a desperate soul. Although it had always been a constant debate amongst his peers on whether he had a soul or not, but wasn’t that all of the undead’s musings?

            Ever since he had been born to his full-blooded vampire parents, Ryeowook had always wanted something desperately. He wanted blood, he wanted attention, and he wanted love. Coming from a mighty pure-blooded family, his parents had possessed a regal attitude, especially his Father. His Father made no real effort to connect with his son, finding social gatherings of the high tier of vampire society more important.

            The one that showered him with the most attention had been his Mother. She was one of the oldest vampires in the world, only outlived by the Ancients themselves. She had lived through Old Korea, traveled to Victorian England, Venice during the time of Casanova, and America when it was still run by the Native Americans instead of the white settlers. She would tell her beloved son her adventures at his bedside when the sun began to rise beyond their thick, velvet curtains, and little Ryeowook would listen with utter adoration.

            When his family was inclined to go to social gatherings of magical creatures, his Mother would hold his hand, but she maintained a much colder air around him in public. One of mystery and distance, that Ryeowook himself had grown to adapt as he grew up. It was this manner that intrigued Leeteuk in the first place when Ryeowook and his parents had been hunting in Paris during the bloody revolution. They prized themselves on being somewhat civilized, and although they would prey on the weak who dared travel at night, they would feast upon the blood dripping from the blade and wooden deck of the guillotine.

            Leeteuk invited the young Ryeowook to his growing coven and his parents gladly sent him off with all of their love. Ryeowook missed his Mother (he honestly felt little for his Father). His mischievous attitude to play with people’s emotions grew and he became, in a sense, colder and harsher than he had been before. This had been still apparent when Henry had come along, but Ryeowook had also softened somewhat. Henry mellowed out Ryeowook’s cruel approach to life, and he had finally begun to try and see life as a glass half full.

            But during this dark time, Ryeowook laid in the bed he had shared with Henry.  His eyes opened groggily and he could not help but ponder if he and Henry would have been better off if Ryeowook’s parents had not agreed to hand him over to Leeteuk’s coven.

            Then again, you don’t defy an Ancient when they ask something of you.


            “You are a fool,”

            It was bluntly put, and nothing but accurate. Donghae did nothing but let his head hang even lower, his entire weight pushing him down on the bed. He was tired, lonely, thirsty, and aching intensely for Anya. The scent of her was leaving him and he was scared. He felt her fear and pain as the chain that tugged on his heart connected him to her. It hurt as she struggled, his bond clashing with those Aaron’s, of that monster’s.

            “You let yourself fall horrible in love with a woman who had a child, and to top it all off she’s already someone’s muse,” Leeteuk said coldly, staring down at the depressed vampire with absolutely no pity in his eyes. “It’s a rare occurrence for one woman to be two vampire’s muse, and even rarer for any of the three coming out of that tangled mess alive,”

            Donghae winced, for he knew it was true. The bonds of muses were strong ones, and if death of one came about, death of the other usually soon followed. Even worse when two of the undead fell in acquired the same muse, a fight to the death usually ensued, because heaven and hell forbid the muse choose the one they love. Ironic how the undead could so quickly succumb to the fatal slumber of lust, Donghae thought.

            A tired Eunhyuk sat across from Donghae in an oak armed chair, its wood faded but sturdy. The usually cheerful man’s eyes were red-rimmed, and Donghae was ashamed to not know why. He had strived to be Eunhyuk’s greatest friend since the beginning, but he knew there were still some things buried in the former werewolf’s heart that was not ready to see the light of day. Or in their case, the soft darkness of night.

            “Leeteuk,” he said warily. “Is this necessary?”

            “It is more than necessary,” Leeteuk snapped. “Or have you forgotten he nearly killed Nathaniel not too long ago?”

            Donghae’s shoulders began to shake and his heart made slow and steady thumps against his already pained chest. His thick, ruby colored tears stung his eyes as they began to slowly cascade down his cheeks in a brutal torrent of guilt and despair. Nathaniel, the boy he loved as his own son… How could he face him again? How could he face Anya, if he ever saw her again, after what he almost did? The thought caused him to shudder.

            Eunhyuk looked up at Leeteuk in alarm.

            “Leeteuk, please! He knows!” he exclaimed.

            “And he should always know!” Leeteuk growled, walking up to Donghae and grabbing his chin firmly, pulling the man’s face up to meet the ferocious leader’s eyes. “You must always know what you’ve done, what you almost did. If you don’t you will kill more innocent children. Do you really want their bloody handprints all over your face as you suck the precious life out of them just to feed your heart? Like you used to, when you were nothing but a pitiful savage that I took in! Do you know why I did that, Donghae?”

            Donghae did not answer, he just continued to weep as Leeteuk stared him down. Leeteuk leaned in and whispered,

            “I took you in because I saw the potential you had. Although you fed on children, I could see that you didn’t want to, you loved children. I saw the potential to humanize you, and I saw the potential to help you fulfill your dream of becoming a father,”

            With that Leeteuk released Donghae’s chin, thrusting his entire body on the bed. Donghae just collapsed there, weak and in emotional agony. Eunhyuk rushed to his side to pet his hair and comfort him. As Leeteuk began to walk out of the room, he left a parting question.

            “Where is the potential I saw, Donghae?”


            Hwanhee had not stopped staring at the tub where Hwayobi had been. Where she had died. Brian sat on the marble sink counter. Hwanhee had not really allowed him, or anyone else for that matter, near the place where Hwayobi had given herself up Hwanhee. Brian knew Hwayobi most likely would not have lived, but that hadn’t stopped him from hoping for Hwanhee’s sake.

            Hwanhee’s judgment might be impaired later, and if they were to win this hideous war against Aaron, against the evils in the magical society in general, he needed him to focus on the goal of balance, as leaders of the sky were supposed to. Not on revenge.

            Hwanhee kept clutching at sea foam absentmindedly, trying o press them together as if they would form his lover. If he pushed the little bubbles against each other hard enough, maybe she would form together again and smile at him. Kiss him with that silly smile of hers on her face, swishing her tail, complaining how it was taking too long for her one day of human freedom to occur. The one time a year she could walk on wobbly human legs, then wrap herself around Hwanhee on land as they would cherish each other.

            Now that would never come again. Hwanhee could no longer visit her at the edge of the salty sea near Alexandria, where she would laugh and joke with him. Her quirky personality, even for a mermaid, endeared her to him since he had met her. She had been beautiful, and he had pursued her ever since. Sometimes on the days she was able to lay with him, she would talk about things that had happened and might soon happened. At times he thought she could predict the future when she talked of the contents of the ancient magical texts in the ruins of the library she looked after.

            He only wished she could have somehow foreseen this. Maybe she would have been able away to stop his heart from breaking and falling away into a pit within him that had no end. If it didn’t stop soon, he was afraid he’d have no heart at all.


            Jaejoong shook in the crevice Yunho’s arms had made for him, and Yunho looked down worriedly. Changmin and Yoochun were on either side of the two lovers, their brothers, and they peered at the blind werewolf in fear. Junsu had left the room not too long ago to stretch his legs, leaving the other four to ponder.

            “Jaejoong, what’s wrong?” Yunho asked, nuzzling his face into Jaejoong’s soft, pale neck.

            “Hyung?” Changmin asked, his wide brown eyes alarmed.

            Yoochun patted Jaejoong’s shoulder soothingly, prodding,

            “You can tell us, hyung.”

            Jaejoong looked up, and his face was gaunt, pulled in absolute terror. His azure eyes darted back and forth, even though they could not see. He was frazzled, and he tentatively smelled the air.

            “I don’t smell Junsu,”

            “What do you mean? His smell is all over the place,”

            “No,” Jaejoong shook his head, rocking back and forth in Yunho’s embrace, his tremors becoming more violent as he kept saying, “I don’t smell him, I don’t smell him, I don’t smell Junsu!”

            “Jaejoong, what’s wrong?” Yoochun exclaimed, trying to fathom what was wrong with the usually serene werewolf.

            Yunho grasped Jaejoong by the shoulders and a sudden dread filled Yunho’s throat like bile. Pulling Jaejoong closer, their chests pressing together, Yunho’s eyes were wild as he asked,

            “Jaejoong, did you see it? Was it foreseen?”

            Jaejoong just began to shake and soon he started sobbing uncontrollably, causing the distress of his surrounding brother’s to heighten as their worst fears were confirmed.

            “I can’t smell him, I can’t see him anymore.”


            Henry returned to his bedroom where Ryeowook was sitting on the bed. He had only a pair of dark washed jeans on and no shirt. A lit cigarette was held between his middle and index finger on his right hand, and Henry noted how Ryeowook was just letting the burning ashes fall to the floor.

            “You’ll damage the wood that way,” Henry remarked dryly.

            Ryeowook scoffed then took a long swig from the nicotine filled roll of tobacco.

            “To hell if I care,” he replied.

            “You forget we’re already in it,”

            There was a silence and suddenly Henry was drawn close enough to Ryeowook, like an invisible chain was reeling him in to the other man. Ryeowook smirked when Henry dragged his feet close enough for Ryeowook to pull on his arm and have the younger man land on top of him. Henry felt the achingly slow creep of a flush make its way up his cheeks, and Ryeowook let his fangs show in a lazy grin.

            “Hell’s not so bad with you in it,”

            Ryeowook leaned in, and just as Henry closed his eyes, anticipating the kiss that was about to come the door slammed open. Henry whirled around on Ryeowook’s lap and felt the already slow, agonizing heat of his vampire blush bubble under his cheeks. He tried to get up, embarrassed, but Ryeowook held him tightly, pulling him closer. Ryeowook also just rolled his eyes at the fuming Leeteuk, who had a snickering Kangin behind him, and drawled,

            “You have impeccable timing,”

            “So we see,” Kangin snorted.

            Leeteuk shot him a look, and Kangin knew he had to be serious. Adopting a solemn look Kangin straightened and nodded towards the coven’s leader.

            “In light of recent events, we’ve decided it’s time,” Leeteuk said.

            Ryeowook’s eyes widened, straightening his posture to listen to Leeteuk. This in itself puzzled Henry, as Ryeowook usually never listened to Leeteuk. At least, not when Leeteuk would first tell him something.

            “Time for what?” Henry asked, the sense of being at a lost all too familiar to him recently.

            “It’s time for you to start getting your own food,” Leeteuk said, staring at the boy intensely, like a Father trying to survey if his son was ready for an important task. “We can’t keep spoon-feeding you forever.”

            Ryeowook leaned forward and breathed excitedly in Henry’s ear.

            “It’s time for you to learn to hunt, Love.”



            Lune awoke between her parents’ bodies, her father’s grip particularly tight on her. They were sleeping soundly, tired from the days events and Lune could not blame them. She almost felt sorry for the pain and exhaustion she was about to cause them. Lune looked up and saw her faithful twin Jaewook staring back at her. He was at the head of the bed, plopped on a pillow right above his parents and sisters’ forms.

            His blue-green orbs betrayed how unsettled he was, but he could never say no. Not to his sister, who only loved unconditionally. She was wise beyond her years, just as she was supposed to be. Besides, she had lived many lives before this one.

            “I hate him,” Jaewook said simply. “The man you love,”

            Lune smiled and mouthed,

            “I know,”

            “Why must you do this to me?” he asked, clutching his chest in pain. “To mommy and daddy?”

            Lune just looked at her brother apologetically, and he understood. It must be done; there was no other way.

            Jaewook stared at his sister for one more moment before taking her arm and slowly pulling her up, trying to make sure their parents did not stir. He quickly climbed on top of her and pushed her body foreword until she had wriggled out of the loving trap her parents had locked her in. He took her place, and her parents didn’t wake.

            In a way it was heartbreaking.

            Lune leaned forward and kissed her brother’s forehead, whispering a tiny,

            “I love you.”

            She dashed away, slipping out of the room with stealth that would have made her father proud in any other situation but this one.


            Junsu wandered around the dark grounds, the wind tugging at his hair. He inhaled the smell of grass and dirt around him and relaxed in it. His eyelids were closed and he tried to find his reason for living so long. When he caught a whiff of peony flowers and vanilla, Junsu knew.

            He turned slowly to see little Lune, in a tiny pair of jeans and bundled up in a coat two sizes too big.

            “We need to leave,” she said. “We cannot argue over this, my Junsu, before we try to save each other, we must at least save them.”

            Junsu knew that the ‘them’ were the cherished people inside the mansion. He couldn’t agree with her more.

            Junsu came forward and scooped the little girl up and with great difficulty controlled his powerful feelings for such a young child yet such an old soul, and said,

            “I think I know why I’ve loved you for all these thousands of years.”

            With that they were gone.

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